Monday, June 4, 2007


XANAX® is in a class of drugs called benzodiazepines. Approved by the FDA in 1981, controlled clinical trials have demonstrated that XANAX is effective in the treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, anxiety associated with depression*, and Panic Disorder with or without agoraphobia. (Safety and effectiveness of XANAX in individuals below 18 years of age have not been established. For more Important Safety Information about XANAX, click here.)

How XANAX works is not known, but it is believed to affect some of the chemicals in the brain.

Recently, a new, once daily formulation of XANAX® was approved by the FDA and is now available to patients. XANAX XR® (alprazolam extended-release tablets) is indicated for the treatment of Panic Disorder. To learn more about XANAX XR, click here for safety and product information.

Click the speaker to hear how XANAX®(ZAN-aks) is pronounced!

*XANAX is not indicated for the treatment of depression.

Important Safety Information
XANAX should not be used if you have a condition called acute narrow angle glaucoma. It can be used if you have open angle glaucoma. Ask your doctor if you have questions.

Side effects, if they occur, are generally observed at the beginning of therapy and usually disappear upon continued use. The most commonly reported side effects in clinical trials were drowsiness, fatigue, impaired coordination, irritability, light-headedness, memory impairment, insomnia, and headache.

To assure safe and effective use of benzodiazepines make sure that you:
Inform your physician about any alcohol consumption and medicine you are currently taking, including medication you may buy without a prescription.
XANAX is not recommended for use in pregnancy. Inform your physician if you are pregnant, if you are planning to become pregnant, or if you become pregnant while taking this medication.
Inform your physician if you are nursing.
Until you experience how the medication affects you, do not drive a car or operate hazardous machinery.
Do not increase the dose even if you think the medication isn't working, without consulting your physician.
Benzodiazepines, even when used as recommended, may produce emotional and/physical dependence.
Do not stop taking this medication abruptly or decrease the dose without consulting your physician, since discontinuation symptoms may occur.

Important Considerations for Patients Diagnosed with Panic Disorder
At doses greater than 4 mg per day, XANAX has the potential to cause severe emotional and physical dependence in some patients and these individuals may find it exceedingly difficult to terminate treatment. It is important that your physician help you discontinue this medication in a careful and safe manner to avoid overly extended use of XANAX. In addition, the extended use of XANAX at doses greater than 4 mg per day appears to increase the incidence and severity of withdrawal reactions when the drug is discontinued. These are generally minor but seizure can occur, especially if you reduce the dose too rapidly or discontinue the medication abruptly. Seizure can be life-threatening.


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